Power Cable


The power cable is a sheathed electrical cable used in multiple electrical functions. Royal Classic Cable is a leading power cable manufacturer in Pakistan. Power cables can be used as permanent cabling for commercial or building projects.
Power cables are available in both flexible and standard forms in Royal Classic Cable. It can be used in power systems, machinery, information transmission systems, etc.
The advantage of using a power cable is its resistance to high temperature, fire, impact, chemical vapors, underground conditions, and sunlight. The reason for its durability is its thermoplastic sheathing and PVC insulation.


  • 99.9% Copper
  • Pakistan Cable PVC Type 1 (IR) & Type 6 (Sheetering)
  • 0.75 (S/C) – 95mm (4 core) – Flexible
  • 0.75 (S/C) – 16mm (4 core) – Standard

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