XLPE + PVC Solar Cable


XLPE/PVC Solar Cable is specially manufactured to prevent cables from chemicals, abrasion, water, and oil. Royal Classic Cables is the finest XLPE/PVC Solar Cable manufacturer in Pakistan. We have produced XLPE/PVC Solar Cable to perform its functions within extreme temperatures strongly.
XLPE /PVC Solar Cable is insulated and used in various electrical operations. It is mainly used in hot temperatures. XLPE/PVC cable is a solar cable used in solar panels. However, the primary purpose is only for external use.
The benefit of using XLPE/PVC Solar Cable is to prevent fire or flood damage. It helps balance the performance of electric circuits. It is perfect for external use. However, if required to use internally, certain compliances might be needed.


  • Polithan
  • Pakistan Cable PVC Type 1 (IR)
  • 0.75 – 300mm

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